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Timeless "Clean" Presets 

At Kristie Horton Photography, we specialize in creating high-quality editing presets for photographers. Our Timeless Clean Presets are a major upgrade from our previous presets, providing a cleaner look for indoor-style photos. We understand that a great photo is the result of more than just quality equipment, so we created these presets to give photographers the tools to elevate their images to the next level.

We believe that editing should be a creative process, so we have developed these presets to give you the freedom to experiment and make your photos truly unique. Try out our Timeless Clean Presets today and see the difference they can make for your photos.

Timeless " CLEAN" Presets

  • Includes

  • Ai Clean Linens

  • Ai Creamy Light

  • Ai Laundry

  • Ai Pure

  • Sparkle

  • Creamy

  • Washed

  • Fresh

  • Flawless

  • Unblemished

  • Airy

  • Sanitize

  • Tidy

  • Neat

  • Pure

  • Mint

  • Lavender

  • Polished

  • Crisp

  • Swoon

  • Wheat

  • Bleach

  • White

  • Fair

  • Vintage

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